Hey, did you know that Mente means mind in Spanish? That would certainly account for the intelligent tunes Jed, Mazz, Gringo Starr and singer John Murphy churn out. Mente stay true to the garage mythos and add novelty lyrics straight out ofAnimal House. Mente, however, even manage to stay on the right side of tastefulness most of the time, except perhaps for the fish John pulls out of his pants during the live performance of "Scrod", one of their big local radio hits along with the unforgettable paean to "Bobby Orr". For a touch of diversity, Mente spice up their live set with the Spanish flamenco inspired "Manolete" and the wild twin guitar helicopter noises of "Hoverin", where the boys distance themselves from the drug issue.

In order to keep their creativity well exercised, Mente have publicly vowed to play at least one new song each gig. Their high entertainment value has garnered them solid airplay, a live performance over WMFO's airwaves and an impressive turnout at their gigs all around New England. Ted responds positively to questions about their interest in putting out records, EPs and CDs but states that, right now, "We are not in a position to take out mortgages on our summer homes, that we don't have, our primary goal is still to bring as much pleasure to our loyal deMENTEd fans." We can still hope.

1991 - Metronome - reprinted without permission

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