Mente Bowls Your Mind (1992)

Working Title - Al Dente Mente

1. Scrod*
2. Bobby Orr*
3. Changes
4. Lincoln
5. I Wanna Get High*
6. Yeah*

1. Big Car
2. Laundry Boy
3. Joey
4. Hot Dog
5. Rock & Roll Tonight*
6. Endlessly Rocking

Mente is:

Ron Barcardi - Singa, Guitar
Edward van Mente - Guitar, Singa
Baldwin Mente - Bass, Singa
Gringo Starr - Drums, Way in the Way Back Singa

Recorded At:
*Fort Apache Studios
and P.M.S.

All songs written by Mente
Engineered By:
Fill In Mente
Carl Plaster

Produced By:
Fill In Mente
Jon Hardy

1992 Stinkbomb Sounds